On Holiday-ASU blown out by Texas Tech

Arizona Sports News online

The good news about Monday nights 37-23 Holiday Bowl fiasco for Arizona State. No one outside of Arizona and small portion of Texas was probably awake by the time the scoreboard hit zero.
Arizona State fans shouldn’t be happy with how shabby the team looked in their final game in an otherwise successful season.
I can’t explain how the Sun Devils had a first goal on the one nearing halftime and came away scoreless.
I can’t explain why the Sun Devils attempted a field goal on a third down in that same sequence.
i can’t explain how Rick Smith dropped a sure touchdown in the fourth quarter,
I have no answer for why the ASU defense couldn’t stop Texas Tech on 3rd down for most of the night.
They allowed a freshman quarterback. Davis Webb, to throw for over 400 yards and 4 touchdowns.
The Sun Devils were a 22 point favorite before kickoff, instead, they were beaten into the ground, losing by 14.