2013 All-Academic Football Team D1/D2

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After nominations from coaches, school staff and members of the Arizona high school football community, Sports360AZ.com presents the 2013 All-Academic Football team for Divisions I and II. Spotlighting the state’s top student athletes who got the job done on the football field as well as in the classroom.

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Division I & II First Team All-Academic Roster

QB: Zach Werlinger, Senior, Basha, 4.62 GPA, 3,242 passing yards, 29 touchdowns
RB: Paul Perry, Senior, Mesquite, 3.9 GPA, 1,683 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns
RB: Ryan Valez, Sophomore, Brophy, 4.13 GPA, 1,189 rushing yards, 13 touchdowns
WR/TE: Dan Galindo, Senior, Pinnacle, 4.0 GPA, 1,001 receiving yards, 14 touchdowns
WR/TE: Tim Hernandez, Senior, Mountain Pointe, 4.5 GPA, 658 receiving yards, 8 touchdowns
WR/TE: Doc O’Connor, Junior, Basha, 4.24 GPA, 1,150 receiving yards, 10 touchdowns
OL: Tyler Elam, Senior, Centennial, 3.8 GPA
OL: Hayden Fox, Junior, Horizon, 3.9 GPA
OL: Nicholas Maxey, Junior, Pinnacle, 4.62 GPA
OL: Trent Moore, Senior, Hamilton, 3.7 GPA
OL: Matt Trusiak, Junior, Brophy, 3.95 GPA
DL: Mitchell Fraboni, Senior, Mountain Pointe, 4.0 GPA, 68 tackles, 10 sack
DL: Grant Gale, Senior Highland, 4.35 GPA, 75 total tackles, 12 sacks
DL: Derek Sommers, Junior, Cienega, 4.1 GPA, 64 total tackles, 4 sacks
LB: Thomas Archer, Senior, Notre Dame Prep, 4.26 GPA, 101 tackles, 2 interceptions
LB: Jason “JT” Moore, Senior, Valley Vista, 4.2 GPA, 86 tackles, 14 tackles for loss
LB: Chris Musselman, Junior, Poston Butte, 4.11 GPA, 117 tackles, 5 forced fumbles
LB: Tre Tyler, Senior Highland, 4.6 GPA, 122 total tackles
DB: Nico Bayless, Senior, Apollo, 4.6 GPA, 60 total tackles, 3 interceptions
DB: Jordan Schlueter, Senior, Notre Dame Prep, 4.25 GPA, 87 total tackles, 8 interceptions
DB: Chip White, Senior, Highland, 4.3 GPA, 71 tackles, 6 interceptions
DB: Jay Williams, Senior, Salpointe, 4.05 GPA, 64 tackles, 1 interception
K: Jared Stangler, Sophomore, Willow Canyon, 4.66 GPA, 1,396 kick-off yards, 4 touchbacks
P: Grayson Harris, Senior, Millennium, 4.88 GPA, 12 punts inside the 20 yard line
Long snapper: C.J. Keller, Senior, Brophy, 3.95 GPA

All-Academic Honorable Mention

QB: Kyle Allen, Senior, Desert Mountain, 3.75 GPA
QB: Antonio Hinojosa, Senior Mountain Pointe, 3.6 GPA
QB: Gunther Johnson, Sophomore, Boulder Creek, 4.5 GPA
QB: Brian Lewerke, Junior, Pinnacle, 4.2 GPA
QB: Gabe Losada, Junior, Saint Mary’s, 3.58 GPA
QB: Dalton Sneed, Junior, Horizon, 3.5 GPA
RB: Mitchell Carpenter, Senior, Willow Canyon, 3.917 GPA
RB: Josh Hoekstra, Senior, Pinnacle, 3.3 GPA unweighted
RB: Rajhan Meriweather, Senior, Basha, 3.78 GPA
RB: Joey Smith, Junior, Sunnyslope,  4.0 GPA
WR: Jalen Brown, Senior, Mountain Pointe, 3.75 GPA
WR: Will Edwards, Senior, Brophy, 3.6 GPA
WR: Terry Juniel, Senior, Valley Vista, 3.2 GPA unweighted
WR: Mitch McCulley, Senior, Chandler, 3.7 GPA
WR: Wayne Scatena, Senior, Willow Canyon, 4.58 GPA
WR: Jeremiah Sullivan, Senior, Saint Mary’s, 3.92 GPA
TE: Tanner Thiele, Senior, Centennial, 4.0 GPA
TE: Anthony Trujillo, Sophomore, Marcos de Niza, 4.1 GPA
OL: Nick Carman, Junior, Mountain Pointe, 3.81 GPA
OL: Mike Cook, Senior, Centennial, 3.7 GPA
OL: A.T. Hall, Senior, Brophy, 3.08 GPA unweighted
OL: Jack Landry, Senior, Horizon, 3.55 GPA
OL: Justin Lopresto, Junior, Millennium, 4.0 GPA
OL: Isaiah Waters, Senior, Willow Canyon, 3.08 GPA unweighted
DL: Trevor Colceri, Senior, Pinnacle, 3.8 GPA
DL: Scott Fitzgerald, Senior, Brophy, 3.935 GPA
DL: Marshall Forrest, Senior, Chaparral, 3.7 GPA
DL: Thomas Preston, Sophomore, Dobson, 4.43 GPA
DL: Luke Rudolph, Sophomore, Horizon, 3.78 GPA
DL: J.W. Windsor, Junior, Basha, 3.7 GPA
LB: Walker Adams, Sophomore, Brophy, 3.5 GPA unweighted
LB: Isaiah Birkel, Senior, Boulder Creek, Senior, 3.81 GPA
LB: Dillon Burch, Senior, Millennium, 4.38 GPA
LB: Jake Carlin, Senior, Basha, 4.15 GPA
LB: Jake Casteel, Senior, Salpointe, 3.85 GPA
LB: Michael Cole, Senior, Notre Dame Prep, 3.36 GPA unweighted
LB: Austin Cronen, Junior, Mountain Pointe, 3.07 GPA unweighted
LB: Kevin Hamlett, Senior, Salpointe, 3.99 GPA
LB: Robbie Kleinfield, Junior, Chaparral, 3.5 GPA unweighted
LB: Billy McEowen, Senior, Mountain Ridge, 3.79 GPA
LB: James McNamara, Senior, Horizon, 4.3 GPA
LB: James Miller, Sophomore, Camelback, 3.785 GPA
LB: Jared Stangler, Sophomore, Willow Canyon, 4.66 GPA
LB: Dylan Taylor, Senior, Brophy, 4.1 GPA
DB: Liam Castle, Junior, Pinnacle, 3.88 GPA
DB: Ernie De la Trinidad, Senior, Mountain Pointe, 4.0 GPA
DB: Cules Rose, Junior, Pinnacle, 3.08 GPA unweighted
DB: Ryan St. John, Senior, Chaparral, 3.84 GPA
DB: David Velazquez, Senior, Horizon, 3.66 GPA
DB: Xavier Villanueva, Senior, Centennial, 4.0 GPA
LS: P.J. Hadley, Senior, Centennial, 4.0 GPA
K/P: John Abercrombie, Senior, Mountain Pointe, 3.57 GPA
K/P: Danny McAtamney, Senior, Horizon, 3.6 GPA
K/P: Phil Mourikes, Senior, Brophy, 3.7 GPA
K/P: Ben Sweet, Senior, Pinnacle, 3.7 GPA

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