Jake’s Takes: Halloween candy, possible Pac-12 title game matchup, Miami-Florida State rivalry re-born

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Every Thursday ASU legend, now Pac-12 Network studio analyst Jake Plummer joins Brad Cesmat on Sports360AZ.com presented exclusively by the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

Here are some hi-lights from their most recent conversation on October 31.

Are you giving out good stuff at the Plummer household tonight on Halloween? “Oh, your regular candy, you know. Just a mix of Twizzlers, Milk Duds and what-not. I used to get judged on how I handed out candy but I’m retired now, man. Nobody cares [laughing].”

Who do you see right now playing in the Pac-12 Championship Game? “I would say right now just from the look of things..I’d say Oregon against ASU. I like UCLA’s team. They have a really solid ball club…but they seem to be struggling a little bit. I’m going to go to with my heart a little bit on this just after what I saw ASU do to [Washington’s] run game and their ability on offense to put up points. Seems like nobody can stop [running back] Marion Grice. I’d like to see them continue on that pace. It would be fun to see them play Oregon.”

Have you ever heard of a team throwing the ball 89 times like Washington State did against Oregon and is that good for a quarterback? “It all depends. As quarterbacks we love to throw the ball as much as we can but I think there’s got to be balance at some point. You can’t ride one man’s arm the whole way…you know what you gotta do against Wazzu. You don’t really have to worry about the run game you just gotta try to get pressure on [starting quarterback] Connor Halliday and keep him off-balance. The tough thing for him is that’s a lot of pressure on his arm.”

You have a thought or two on Miami-Florida State Saturday? “It’s fun to see both those teams back because growing up as a youngster they were always in the Top 10 it seemed like whenever they played. It’s good for college football. I think, when you look at, I think Miami may be a little overrated. Over-ranked, I should say. Maybe not in the Top 10, maybe Top 20. But still this should be a good matchup and both quarterbacks are fun to watch. They [both] make plays but right now I think [Jameis] Winston is playing at a better clip, a better level. He’s making a lot of great throws, controlling the ball. Not turning it over. He seems to be encompassing what Florida State had years back…FSU’s getting their swag back.”

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