Patrick Peterson Ready To Work On Offense For Cardinals

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It seems like there’s nothing Patrick Peterson can’t do on the football field, so why not showcase his talents on the offensive side of things?

“I had hopes that he could be something special in a package a week, but after you see the athlete that he is, it’s like he could be one of the top five wide receivers in the league,” head coach Bruce Arians said about Peterson.

“You say, ‘Hmmm, that’s a lot of weapon sitting over here next to me,'” Arians said.

Arians is slowly implementing Peterson into the offensive scheme. He’s growing the number of packages Peterson will appear in during any given game.

“How big that package continues to grow? It’s probably already up into the 15-play range,” Arians said. “But it wouldn’t be that many in a one-game plan.”

Arians says the Cardinals would be foolish to let all the talent that Peterson has just sit on the sidelines.

“There’s no doubt we’re gonna utilize his skill set on offense,” Arians said.

Peterson would be a most welcomed addition to a wide receiving corps that already has the potential to be explosive with Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd, Andre Roberts and others.

Peterson was left a bit speechless when he was told about Arians’ “top five wide receivers” comment.

“Coach just put me on the spot,” Peterson said. “My primary position is cornerback, but if he feels I could be a top five receiver I’m not complaining at all. I’m definitely an athlete that could play pretty much every skill position on the field.”

Peterson is already a guy who hates to come off the field. He loves being out there. Having more opportunities to be out there and being even more of a playmaker is something Peterson had numerous talks with Arians about.

“Coach Arians has a wandering mind when it comes down to creating those gimmick plays and getting his playmakers the ball and getting the ball in their hands,” Peterson said. “I’m not worried about getting any extra reps, but I’m quite sure I’ll get a handful once the season starts rolling and we start playing for real football.”

In a recent practice, Peterson was fully showcased on offense, completing a pass to Fitzgerald, catching a pass from quarterback Carson Palmer and taking a nice handoff from Palmer. He’s taken to this offense thing quite well.

“I’m the type of guy, I’m pleased with whatever the coach may throw at me,” Peterson said. “If he needs me to throw the ball, if he needs me to run the ball, if he needs me to catch it, I’m all for it.”

The Cardinals first preseason game comes tomorrow night in Green Bay, Wisc., against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. As long as Rodgers is out there (which shouldn’t be long at all), Peterson will have his hands full.

It’ll be exciting to see him lineup on offense as well, if that’s what Arians has up his sleeve tomorrow night.