One of top moments in Diamondback history happened on this day in ’99

The Arizona Diamondbacks have had quite a few unforgettable moments since their first ever pitch thrown by Andy Benes back in 1998. A World Series championship, division championships, Tony Womack on fathers day, Randy Johnson’s perfecto in Atlanta are just a few.

One instance in particular happened on this day (July 11)  back in 1999 at then Bank One Ballpark that I was present for and will never forget. The stage is set in the 6th inning of an inter-league game against the Oakland Athletics. The bases are loaded as a Jay Bell, who was hitless in 12 at-bats in the series against Oakland, stepped up to the plate.

At every Sunday home game since the Diamondbacks began playing in 1998, there was a contest where a fan wins tickets to the game, then picks a player to hit a grand slam and the inning. Before the game Gylene Hoyle of Chandler, who had never been a Diamondback game before, was the fan who won tickets and predicted that Jay Bell would hit a grand slam in the sixth inning.

Here is how it played out…

Was it a play that altered the course of the Diamondbacks season? No. Was it a play that clinched anything? No. Will that play go down in baseball history? Probably not.

But I think I can speak for those who were in attendance that day and also those who remember from watching it at home, it was a million dollar moment in the organizations history that they will not soon forget.