Dorian Pickens’ recruitment picking up while playing in front of nations top coaches

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When summer time rolls around, Dorian Pickens is always a busy man. Playing club ball, high school ball, participating in elite camps and more.

For one of the top basketball players in Arizona, this summer has been no different.

“I think the highlight of my summer so far is playing in the EYBL,” Pickens explained. “I’ve been playing with the Oakland Soldiers for most of April and June and that’s been a really fun experience. It’s a great experience going up against the best competition week-in and week-out.”

As a result of playing with the Oakland Soldiers, he is seeing an increased amount of attention this summer. Pickens says part of playing in the EYBL is knowing “All eyes are on you.” There have been very high profile eyes that have been on him as a result.

“They bring out Coack K (Mike Krzyzewski), bring out (John) Calipari, (Tom) Izzo and all the best coaches from around the nation so you see them, you think about it a little bit but I just go out there and play my game,” Pickens said. “I play my game you know like if my Mom was watching. I play my game, do my thing and show them what I’ve got.”

Pickens has already received scholarship offers by some great division I programs all around the nation. He has not narrowed down his list as of yet and will take his official visits soon but in the mean time there have been some schools that have increased there push for Pickens before the start of his senior season.

Plain and simple I’m just trying to come out with a state championship

“Some schools are picking it up a little bit,” Pickens mentioned. “Stanford a lot lately, UCLA, Gonzaga, Vanderbilt is a new school that has been coming out a lot lately and some other schools here and there but for the most part my recruitment has been steady busy and it’s been great.”

Notable offers that Pickens has include U of A, ASU, Boston College, Colorado, New Mexico, NAU, Rice and Weber State. Based on what Pickens explains, more expect to be on the horizon.

Before playing at the next level becomes a reality, Pickens has one last shot at a state title for one of the State’s most consistent programs, Pinnacle high school, who are looking for their first ever basketball state title as well.

“Plain and simple I’m just trying to come out with a state championship,” Pickens stated. “Do whatever my team needs, try to lead them to a state championship and have a great last year in high school before I go onto the next level.”