Cardinals rookie receiver, Robert Gill, runs on treadmill at 25MPH

Arizona Sports News online

In a week filled with Aaron Hernandez drama throughout the NFL, Robert Gill has found a way to lighten the mood of the league.

Earlier this week he released this video, where he’s seen leaping onto a moving treadmill clocked at 25MPH. The video was filmed at the Cardinal’s training facility with what appears to be a fisher-price digital camera. Despite the quality issues, it is very clear that the treadmill is going at speeds that exceed my comfort level, and for that I applaud him.

The 29-year old rookie wide-out is considered a long shot to make the Cardinals’ roster, though perhaps that might change after coach Bruce Arians gets a hold of this speed-demon’s video.

But just how fast is 25MPH? To put it in perspective, gold-medal winner Usain Bolt has been clocked at 27.78 MPH. The average speed of riders during the Tour de France is 25.3 MPH. And for those of you south of the border, 25 MPH converts to 40.2336 km using the following equation.

25 mi


63360 in




2.54 cm




1 km
100000 cm




40.2336 km

One thing to take away from this video, this guy is fast and very brave for leaping on the treadmill at those speeds. Hopefully taking the leap for YouTube virality pays off for this rookie who’s battling for a spot in the Cardinal’s organization.