Griner works one-on-one with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Arizona Sports News online

There are not very many people that can say they made a hook shot over the man who invented the sky hook, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. But now, Phoenix Mercury rookie Brittney Griner can say she has.

On Wednesday, the NBA legend visited the Phoenix Mercury practice, spoke with the players and coaching staff and lastly, worked with the teams new star one-on-one on the hook shot and footwork in the post up position. Among all the amazing things that Griner has done just since she has become a pro, this experience is at the top.

“I put this at one honestly,” Griner said. “It doesn’t get any better.”

Griner herself is a very well-known figure but even she can still get star-struck when visiting someone like Kareem.

“I tried to keep it cool,” Griner joked. “You know it when I don’t talk. I talk, I like to talk and I am not scared. But you know I’m star-struck when I’m just listening…I hit you with the ‘yes sir,’ ‘yes ma’am.’ I was definitely star-struck.”

Abdul-Jabbar mentioned that he has followed Griner’s career to this point and believe she has the makings to be a superstar, not just because of how tall she is.

“She’s a very talented athlete, she’s not just tall,” explained Abdul-Jabar. “She runs the court very well, she’s agile and she’s going to have a great career.”

Griner isn’t used to being shorter than very many people so looking up to Abdul-Jabbar was different for her. However there was one shocking revelation that both were very surprised at. Griner has bigger feet.

“Yes I have him beet on shoe size, 17 in men,” Griner said with pride. “His hands are bigger though.”

“Yeah, I am not used to that,” Abdul-Jabbar added.

The Mercury continue practicing at US Airways Center leading up to their home and season opener against Chicago on May 27th.