Next great Saguaro playmaker preparing to break out

The Saguaro Sabercats have developed Division I football talent for many years. Especially over the last few years we have seen it at another level with some of the playmakers they have put out. Running back D.J. Foster had an unbelievable career Sabercat uniform and is now one of the top playmakers for Arizona State. In addition, wide receiver Christian Kirk is rated the top player in Arizona for the 2015 class.

Now there is another, that could one day be mentioned in the same breath as these two, waiting to break out. 6’2” incoming freshman wide receiver Kaelib Jarrell, who plans to play varsity football at Saguaro in the first year he sets foot on campus in Scottsdale.

Jarrell has the physical gifts but also has intangibles to be a dynamic player. He is fast and long but also has great hands and route running ability. Jarrell believes his reading ability puts him at that level.

“I think my technique and my catching ability,” said Jarrell when asked what will have him varsity ready. “Im spontaneous. I can have amazing plays at any moment and you wouldn’t even know it.”

Just like it is difficult to predict how good a high school player will be at the college level, it’s hard to predict where a middle school player will be in high school. However, Jarrell is training this off-season with Showtyme Performance and going up against exceptional talent not just on the high school level but the college level as well. Recently he held his own against former North Canyon and now University of Arizona defensive back Jamar Allah.

“I believe he is at that level because he works out with a lot of college guys,” said Showtyme Performance coach Airabin Justin. “He’s been out and he works harder. He’s on a different level than any other freshman or any JV kid at that point.”

While Jarrell has the makeup to play varsity as a freshman, that is not stopping from improving himself to be the best he can be.

“I think I can work on my footwork,” Jarrell mentioned.

“He’s only in 8th grade so he can get a little faster,” added Justin. “As long as he keeps working on that I think he can be an impact player in the next couple years here.”

Jarrell says he is hoping to play with the varsity team during Saguaro’s passing league games and mentioned that Saguaro head coach Jason Mohns plans to give him reps at safety on defense as well.