Acho and Schofield like the direction Cardinals heading in

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Steve Keim and Bruce Arians had their detractors once they took over their respective positions in the Cardinals organization.

Keim had never been a general manager before, and Arians had never been a head coach in the NFL.

Look what a few short weeks can do for the way people see you.

The Cardinals made very good moves in free agency, addressing a lot of team needs. They also did the same this past weekend in the NFL Draft, as they built on their success in free agency, and had another level of success with the young men they brought onto the team.

The fans got a glimpse of what it was like to almost be a world champion a few years ago when the Cardinals made their improbable run to the Super Bowl. They want to experience more of that with their team.

If Keim and Arians continue to stay on the path they’re currently on, it won’t take very long for that to happen again.

Linebackers Sam Acho and O’Brien Schofield are both looking forward to the coming season. Acho took part in last week’s voluntary veteran’s minicamp, while Schofield stayed on the sideline and worked on getting his surgically repaired ankle up to 100 percent.

Even though things are in the early stages for the team, Acho is excited to see what the future holds for the 2013 Arizona Cardinals.

“Every time we have a new coach or new player, you’re always excited to see how everyone meshes together and how you actually produce on the field,” Acho said. “We’re months away still at this moment, but it’s cool to see us kind of coming together as a team.”

Schofield sees a difference in the coaching staff. He mentioned that the outside linebackers have their own coach, along with a pass rushing coach, which allows them to break off into their own separate group and get even more in-depth teaching.

“I can tell that they’re very attention to detail,” Schofield said. “The attitude and the energy is fresh and it’s new, and I think it’s gonna be something special that the fans don’t wanna miss this year.”