Is taking a QB at 7th pick best option for Cardinals?

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It’s been said that the current group of quarterbacks participating in the NFL Combine, and those who’ll be drafted in late April, are far from the group that came out in last year’s draft.

With that being said, the Cardinals’ quarterbacks didn’t exactly light up scoreboards last season. They threw 11 touchdowns as a group, which is far from getting it done.

The question that faces the team is if they should turn their attention toward drafting a quarterback with the seventh pick?

“Before you even get there, who is gonna be the quarterback?” ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter said. “How can we answer that, we don’t even know who the quarterback’s gonna be.”

“When we know who the quarterback is, then we can talk about whether he’s gonna go execute his offense.”

Schefter believes the Cardinals won’t do anything “blind and random,” and pick or sign a quarterback just to say they did. He believes the team will find the right quarterback to fit the vertical passing game head coach Bruce Arians and assistant head coach Tom Moore want to introduce this season.

Schefter thinks the Cardinals need to get the best player they can at No. 7, whether it’s a quarterback or an offensive lineman, which is another pressing need for the team, considering they gave up 58 sacks last season.

The uncertainty surrounding quarterback Kevin Kolb and his future with the team, and whether or not they’ll do anything in free agency will keep a cloud over the team until those clouds break open.

Arians knows a thing or two about quarterbacks. He’s coached Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck, and they’ve all thrived under his leadership.

NFL Network Insider Albert Breer thinks the Cardinals players will rally around Arians, because Arians’ track record shows that he’s a winner, no matter which team he’s with.

Breer says if the Cardinals aren’t sure about this current crop of young quarterbacks they’re about to see, they should push by them and look at maybe bringing in Colts quarterback Drew Stanton, who obviously has history with Arians.

“You bring him in, you tell him ‘Hey, we’re gonna give you an opportunity to start, you’re gonna have a chance,'” Breer said. “You give yourself that extra year, [and] in 2014, you go in with a clean slate.”

Arians says he can’t really do anything about the quarterback situation because he can’t talk with his players right now about football. He is aware that something needs to be done when the time comes.

“As we grow as a team, we’ll determine what’s best for the Arizona Cardinals at that position,” Arians said. “We’ve got some tough decisions to make, because of roster bonuses and those type of things before we can talk football.”

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