Westview C Adams, Sun Devils showing mutual interest

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When you’re Andre Adams, and you’re 6’8″ and almost 200 pounds, you’re gonna be able to impose your will on a lot of opponents, which Adams has done for Westview in his junior season.

The Knights are playing well down the regular season stretch, and Adams has had quite a bit to do with that.

Everything for the Knights runs through Adams. He’s the team’s leading scorer, rebounder and their best man on defense. He’s averaging almost three blocks a game, which is getting it done down low.

His frame and his play have turned some college head coaches’ heads squarely in his direction, one of them being Sun Devil head coach Herb Sendek.

Adams says Sendek and his staff have come to some of his games, and have followed him to Las Vegas, Nev., and out to California for some of his games as well.

According to Adams, he and Sendek have sparked up a pretty strong relationship over time.

“I got to know Coach Sendek real well,” Adams said. “I talk to him all the time, he keeps up on me, he checks on me [and] he’s a coach you can get along with. I can say I love him.”

The recent history of Sun Devil basketball, prior to this season, hasn’t been something to be proud of.

Adams saw the team struggle, just like the rest of us who’ve followed the team.

He’s also seen the resurgence of the program, and the steps they’ve taken to get to where they are right now.

Adams can tell Sendek and his staff are putting together something special in Tempe, Ariz. It just took some time.

“He’s really turned it around and helped the kids, by getting their grades up and doing what they have to do on the court and off the court,” Adams said. “He’s a good coach.”

Although he doesn’t have to decide today where he’s going to school, Adams does have an idea of what it would be like if he becomes a Sun Devil.

“I can see myself being put in that position, also coming out,” Adams said. “I know it’s gonna be hard, but they’ll help me, they’ll push me, [so] I know I’m gonna be in a good place.”

High school is a learning institution, no matter which one you attend.

Although Adams has a lot left on his high school plate, he knows the time for college is coming fast and it won’t be easy making the transition to the college game, but he’s more than up for the challenge.

“I know you gotta work real hard,” Adams said. “Here you gotta work real hard, it’s just that it’s different down there, you just gotta be on top of your game.”

His game isn’t perfect, and he readily admitted that, that it needs some work.

“Sometimes I just fade in the fourth quarter, and I’m not aggressive,” Adams said. “I know I can push through it, I just have to get that mentality and do what I have to do best.”

Adams says it’s great that Arizona State, UNLV and Colorado are showing up to his games and they’re looking at him, but what’s more important to him is his teammates and that those same schools take a look at them as well.

“It gives my teammates a chance to show what they have also, so they can have opportunities too,” Adams said.

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