Upton rejects trade to Seattle, Whats next?

Arizona Sports News online

Justin Upton didn’t agree to a trade to Seattle on Thursday, so now the big question. What’s next?

Upton had the Mariners on his list of teams that he would not agree to be dealt to. I am sure the Diamondbacks knew deep down that Upton would reject the deal, but they will never admit to that. 

So now, every other team across the league knows that Upton can be had…they know that the price tag is going to be steep.

The Diamondbacks are walking an extremely fine line now. Upton can’t possibly come back to the team and so in the next 45 days GM Kevin Towers has to get a deal done.

I loved the package of players that the Diamondbacks were going to get from Seattle, but now that is not an option, but trading Upton is a step closer to becoming reality.