Lockout ending, time for Coyotes ownership to step up

When we last saw the Phoenix (Arizona) Coyotes, they had their heads down skating off the ice while the LA Kings were celebrating in Glendale.

The Western Conference Finals loss was supposed to be a big step to propelling the team’s standing within the Valley sports community.Β Greg Jamison, you are now on the clock.

With the Sunday morning news that the lockout is going to come to an end, the Jamison Group needs to finish purchasing the Coyotes and get to work in establishing a presence that will demonstrate that hockey works in Glendale.

For the last THREE YEARS we have had the sale of the Coyotes hanging over our heads. The fatigue of hearing from concerned citizens in Glendale over cuts to services like police and fire just to keep a hockey team are valid.

If you are a fan of hockey, you just want your beloved sport. If you are fan of community you see both sides of the argument of keeping or walking away from the team.

So Mr. Jamison, it’s on you! You are the probably the last chance to make this work in Arizona.