Pinnacle’s wheelchair-bound manager makes history

The high school basketball matchup between Pinnacle and Sandra Day O’Connor on Friday night was not your ordinary game. It was history, it was inspiration, it was a moment that no one that was present in the gymnasium will ever forget.

Brandon Wechsler, Pinnacle basketball’s senior student manager, became the first player bound to a wheel chair in Arizona history to play in a game. He was announced as a member of the starting five and had a full capacity gym showering him with cheers. All leading up to participating in eight seconds of game action that brought many in the crowd to tears.

The 18 year-old has been through far more than any person should have to deal with in their life. At the age of eight, he was diagnosed with Duchene Muscular Dystrophy and by age 11, was forced to a wheel chair. He has endured ten surgeries and far too many hospital visits.

But what makes Brandon so special, is that you would never know he has had deal with any of it. He has a smile that warms your heart and inspires you. His presence has received the attention of some of the world’s most famous athletes like Larry Fitzgerald, Chris Paul, Grant Hill, Tim Tebow and more. He and his family have started the B-Inspired Foundation looking to being an inspiration to other children who are forced to spend their life in wheelchairs.

The foundation’s motto “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”

Enjoy the spirit of this unforgettable evening through the eyes of Brandon, his family and the hundreds of people who were in attendance.

Plus check out exclusive footage of Pinnacle head coach Charlie Wilde’s post game speech to Brandon and the rest of the team below: