The good, the bad, the ugly of the Cardinals’ season

Arizona Sports News online

The good (if there is any) after a 5-11 season…

-The Cardinals will be picking 7th overall in April’s NFL Draft, they should find an impact player that high. (“should” being the operative word)

-The 2013 schedule includes Carolina, Jacksonville, Tennessee and Tampa Bay. Not murderers row, but then again those teams are saying the same things about getting the Cardinals.

-On offense, they developed offensive tackle Nate Potter and on defense saw Darryl Washington emerge into one of the best in the business at linebacker.

-Dave Zastudil and Jay Feely were one of the better special teams combinations in the league.

The bad…

-Offensive coaching


-Health at running back – outside of Larod Stevens-Howling

-Offensive line early in the year, they got better but still nowhere’ where it needs to be

The ugly

-Michael Floyd draft pick…as we saw in training camp, taking an offensive lineman should’ve been the priority.

-Beanie Wells – first round bust…no other way to dress it up.

-Whisenhunt vs Dockett – a relationship broken…no other way to put it, one or both have to go.

-The end for Adrian Wilson – I think it’s the longest of long shots that he will return, would’ve been nice to see him go out with a bang rather than a whimper.