Schools coming from everywhere to pursue Dorian Pickens

Arizona Sports News online

It is not breaking news that Pinnacle junior forward Dorian Pickens is one of the top 2014 prospects in Arizona. But the attention he is getting from schools all over the country is increasing by the day.

He currently has reported offers from Arizona, ASU, Boston College, New Mexico, NAU, Rice, Weber State and USC. But that only tells the beginning of the story.

“Yeah schools have been coming in and it’s been pretty hectic. From every conference in America, you know, SEC, ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Pac 12.” said Pickens. “Still I am open to all schools. I am not making any decisions yet…I am still going through the process.”

On a weekly basis, division I schools from every major conference are showing up at Pinnacle’s practices and or games keeping an eye on his development as a player as he continues to grow and get stronger. So far his Pioneers are off to another solid start as usual and Pickens is averaging 17 points and a little more than 6 rebounds per game.

While Pickens did express that this all has been “hectic” in the middle of his junior season at Pinnacle, he still explains how humbling it is to be receiving all of this attention.

“I am just an ordinary kid. Like any other kid I just like to go out and have fun,” mentioned Pickens. “For me to be blessed like this and to have the experiences I’ve had and the choices I have to go to college for free, it’s very humbling.”