Bob Costas honored with Cronkite Award

Arizona Sports News online

Bob Costas is one of the most respected sports broadcasters in the country. He was in Phoenix this week to receive this year’s Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism.

“I was lucky enough to say I knew Mr. Cronkite,” Costas said. “I interviewed him at length on NBC.”

“He seemed to have some regard for me and that means a lot to me,” he continued. “Now this kind of reconnects me to him. So I’m really excited about it.”

Costas fielded all kinds of questions from the press at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications on the Arizona State University downtown campus Monday.

He discussed concussions in sports to career advice for young journalists.

“Try to be a life long learner and reader because even if you’re involved in sports or your beat is consumer reporting, whatever it may be, the wider your frame of reference and the better read you are, the better reporter you will be,” Costas said.

He now joins past recipients of this award including television anchors Diane Sawyer and Tom Brokaw.

“I would hope I share a dedication to the craft,” Costas said. “It’s not about calling attention to yourself. The attention will come and it’s nice when it comes from doing a good job.”

He was honored during a luncheon today at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel.

Costas not only entertained the crowd with memories during his career, but he talked about what journalism should look like today.

“How its presented, the technology, the bells and whistles that may change, but the dedication to truth and fairness, to quality that’s what Walter Cronkite was about, “ Costas said. “And that’s what I hope the young people in this room and at this university are taking to heart and that’s why this award means so much.”

Costas currently hosts NBC’s Football Night in America.