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By Tatyana Garcia and Colette Zaborniak / Perry High School

Anyone who has ever moved from their hometown knows that wherever their next destination may be, things will be slightly different. For Junior Vivienne Reyes, these changes are drastic.

Reyes moved to America from the Philippines two months ago, in hopes to experience what life is like in America.

“Everyone’s very friendly here,” Reyes said, “it’s very different though. I knew everyone in the Philippines – here I barely know anyone.”

When it comes to her education, Vivienne is more advanced being a junior at Perry.

“The curriculum here is easier for me. You get to pick what you want to study. Back at home, the classes are forced,” Reyes explained.

In the Philippines, Reyes would be taking advanced classes such as physics and pre-calculus all in the same year. She is also getting used to the supplies Perry provides, as well as the lack of.

“We had lockers, and instead of walking to your classes, the teachers would walk to us. We had one set of classmates all year,” Reyes illustrated. “We also never used pencils, everything had to be written in pen.”

Although Vivienne is still adapting to the American life, the lenient curriculum has allowed her to have time to relax and focus on her hobby: Baking.

“I make cupcakes, cookies, revel bars, macaroons, you name it,” Vivienne said.

Due to American ingredients her baked goods to taste a little different so she has everything she needs for baking shipped straight from the Philippines.

Whether she is at home baking some banana muffins or studying for her next test at Perry, Reyes is content with her life, as well as the new people involved.

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