Football top priority in Perry High athletics

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Courtesy Perry High School football

Ciera Woodfin / Perry High School

Out of 20 sports at Perry High School, 200 kids play football. From that 200, only 60 are Varsity players. With over 2000 kids overall at the school, it’s a small percentage that actually play for the football team, but is still significantly bigger than any other sport. Some might argue that this gives reasonable action to provide more money or equipment to football. However, other team sports might disagree.

While the number is not clear on how much money is given to a particular sport, it is apparent that football is given more financial support through boosters, parents and the school. Although Perry has only been open six years, they have not suffered from lack of contribution when it comes to equipment and memorabilia, such as the massive blow-up tunnel that the team runs through before every game.

Don’t get me wrong, the Perry Pumas are definitely not short on talent and skill in football, and warrant the crowd at their games. Nevertheless, other sports are still worthy of attention.

When you look at a track or golf game, the bleachers aren’t usually filled as much as other games at school. This kind of topic has not only come to the attention of Perry, but also of schools from around the country.

Principal Dan Serrano shed some light on the reason why some sports are looked at far more than others.

“The football team brings more people to the stands for three main reasons: kids, cheer, and the band.” said Serrano

This is a valid thought on why many other sports are subconsciously set to the back burner of many schools in the country.

This topic can be the debate of many conversations regarding players in golf, track, badminton etc. However, it seems as though the hierarchy of the great game of American football will continue to be at the top of high school sports.

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