Show Low Pitcher Zack Winn pitching everywhere this summer

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Where in the world is Zack Winn? If you tried to keep track your head might do circles.

The Show Low senior fireball pitcher has been keeping himself very busy this summer working on his game and pitching against some of the best competition that the state and country has to offer.

To start, Winn was selected to pitch for the Arizona sectional team which took on teams from all over the United States and made it to the Championship game. Ultimately they lost to a team from Tennessee but for Winn, his named was called upon out of the bullpen frequently.

“When I actually got the email to be a part of it, it was a pretty big honor to say that all the coaches in Arizona think I am one of the top juniors in the state,” said Winn. “We were just winning and winning and next thing you knew, we were in the championship game. It was a very neat experience.”

Being apart of this team was a great “reality check” for Winn.

“Knowing all the great competition throughout the state and realizing I can fit in with them,” Winn mentioned. “Along with the other guys on the team, realizing that we are some of the best high school players in the United States.”

Next this summer for Winn, he is traveling to Ranch in Texas for a month which has been a known breeding ground for professional pitchers. Scouts from Arizona State as well as major league teams make their way to the Ranch to see the top up-coming talent. Winn spent time there last December and returning now will be great exposure for Winn.

“When you say a Ranch in Texas it means a Ranch,” explained Winn. “We do sleds, speed and agility, anything you can think of to be an all-around good athlete. They say they will put at least three more miles an hour on my fastball, my secondary pitches will be good…I could see how it benefits me as a baseball player.”

Once done in Texas, Winn made the Cincinnati Reds Area Code team which will be playing in Long Beach, CA for five days at the beginning of August.

All of this leading up to what should be an exciting senior season for Winn. A year in which he has some lofty expectations for himself.

“My goal is I want to stay under 12 walks…for the season,” Winn expressed.

Will all of this being said from a baseball stand point, Winn has also won state championships as a member of the Show Low football team. With all this year-round baseball going on into the fall and a bright future past high school on the mound, football might have to be something Winn will have to pass on.

“It’s my senior year and we have played for three straight state championships so far and I would love to play for another one,” said Winn. “But I don’t know if I will play with all the baseball stuff I have going on. It’s going to come down to when school starts to when I will determine if I will go out for it or take off my senior year.”

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