Jared’s Jumpshots: Lunch with Lance

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Notes from Lance Blanks at his lunch with the media on Monday:

Blanks was outspoken off the bat about mentioning player development starting with current players on the roster and  investing in their resources. One of those resources will be former NBA guard Lindsey Hunter. Hunter has been promoted to be part of player development and will be helping players to get better both during the summer and during the season.

As for the draft, I will start off by saying Blanks didn’t mention any specific players by name but did say he is “extremely excited” about this pool of players and think they can get a great player at 13. Blanks mentioned that they believe Markeiff Morris exceeded all expectations and are hoping they can do just with their first round pick this year too.

So what position are the Suns eying? Both Blanks as well as Babby mentioned that the team is looking to “inject youth” on the perimeter whether it’s at the 1, 2 or 3 spots.

However Blanks believes players in the front court position there are guys that can change the face of an organization in this season’s draft. Like a Anthony Davis or a Thomas Robinson.

Blanks did not get into Steve Nash’s free agency as to be expected but many know the future at that position is a giant question. When assessing this draft class, Blanks said the point guard position doesn’t seem too deep, but the ones that are there can be successful depending on the situation. He added that point guard is the hardest position to find in a draft.

The wing position seems to be a position many believe the Suns will draft. Blanks believes that potential game changers make up the wings in this class. Maybe not in their first year but in two, three or four years.

The big question is at 13, will the Suns address a need, even if a stand-out player slips to them. In Blank’s opinion with all things being equal, you go with the need and whenever there’s an opportunity to draft a need, you go for it.

It does not sound likely the Suns will trade the pick in an attempt to move up or down, since the team only has one pick this year, but Blanks did not deny that they will explore that option if it presents itself .

“It’s likely we will have our pick and keep it. But We didn’t make the playoffs so we are  in a position to where there is nothing we won’t do,” Blanks explained.

Key dates coming up for the Suns in the next month. The NBA Draft combine begins on June 6-10. The Adidas Eurocamp in Treviso, Italy immediately follows on June 10-12. The draft is June 28 and free agency begins on July 11.

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