Blue Ridge LBs get tables turned during interviews

I think it’s natural and healthy for all of us to step outside our comfort zones every now and then, and do something that might be a little uncomfortable for us.

I think it builds character in us to accomplish something that we’ve never really done before.

Which is what three Blue Ridge football players did last week during our visit to their campus.

Brad, Steve Arey and myself went over to film the team’s morning practice, and in true championship fashion, the coaches and kids were hard at work even before we arrived at 9 a.m.

It looked like an NFL practice…at least intensity wise it looked and felt like one.

The young men lifted weights in the heat, rolled over huge tires in the heat, then when that was over, three of the team’s top linebackers – Chans Cox, Brett Baker and Tony Bob Holden – had the unenviable task of meeting with Brad and myself to do interviews.

But these weren’t standard type interviews.

At the last second, Brad decided to flip the script and have the guys interview each other, and it was hilarious!

First, Chans talked with Brett, then Brett interviewed Chans. Finally, Brad got the three together and took it over.

From behind the camera I watched those guys talk to each other, and you could tell they’d never done it before, or had limited experience with it.

They did a great job and I know Brad got a kick out of putting them on the spot.

The three interviews are here for you to watch and enjoy.