Arizona Passing League invades ASU

For the first time in my life, I saw organized football games where the goal was to NOT run the ball on offense, but pass it every down instead.

I’m referring to the Arizona Passing League, which took place on Wednesday night at the Bill Kajikawa Practice Field at Arizona State University.

The surrounding soccer fields were used for games as well, and it was very well organized and attended.

This event brought out a good mix of high profile and lower profile teams, ranging from Chaparral and Hamilton, down to Westview and Phoenix Christian.

Hamilton wide receiver Tyler Eggers took part in the “7-on-7’s,” as it’s affectionately called, and said he and his teammates didn’t take the passing league and their opponents as a joke.

“We take a lot of pride in going into the 7-on-7’s, and we really try to step up against the big teams, we really do,” Eggers said.

Eggers said the games got he and his fellow Huskies “fired up,” which pushed him to raise his level of play on the field.

Another young man who looked like he needed no motivation to play, Brophy quarterback Tyler Bruggman went up against Hamilton in the “main event,” and nightcap, and boy did Bruggman impress.

Bruggman looked in championship form, poised and confident in his abilities, completing passes all over the field.

Bruggman says whether it’s a passing league, a regular practice or a championship game, he and his teammates are totally locked in, working toward a victory.

“It’s something that we take seriously,” Bruggman said. “When we come out, we don’t take anybody lightly, because the competitors in us want to win.”