Floyd touches down in Arizona

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What a whirlwind matter of hours it’s been for Michael Floyd…

This is the life of a 22-year old football player who was just drafted by the Cardinals: you’re right in the middle of the glitz and glamour of Radio City Music Hall one evening, and in Arizona the next day meeting the Cardinals brass and the media.

And this is just the beginning for this young man.

“It couldn’t be a better fit for me,” Floyd said, speaking about the Cardinals. “For the most part, to them for looking past the stuff that I’ve been through when I was in college, and they’ve given me a second chance to reveal who I am as a person and as a player.”

The first impression I got from Floyd when he walked in the room was how confident he looked. The young man definitely looked the part and carried himself extremely well considering all that’s happened to him in a short amount of hours.

The level of confidence I saw in Floyd has to be the same that general manager Rod Graves and head coach Ken Whisenhunt saw when they met with him prior to the draft.

“We chose Michael not only because of his physical and athletic tools and the wonderful career that he had at Notre Dame, but because he displayed the qualities we look for in an Arizona Cardinals player,” Graves said.

Floyd was a “producer” in South Bend, Ind. When I say producer, I mean Floyd made catches, got yardage and most importantly, got into the end zone.

How well did he produce you ask? Floyd’s 37 career touchdowns rank third behind Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State (40) and Ryan Broyles of Oklahoma (45), during the same four year period.

Even with all his great numbers in college, Floyd knows that he’s starting from the base rookie level now, and he’s aware of things he’s going to have to improve on if he expects to become an elite receiver like his good friend and mentor, Larry Fitzgerald.

“Something I want to improve on, being a bigger wide receiver, is getting in and out of my breaks quicker,” Floyd said.

The great thing about being on this team, is he has one of THE best receivers to ever play the game at his disposal, to teach him the proper way to play the game.

Welcome to the NFL Mr. Floyd. I’m sure the Cardinals fans can’t wait to see what you can do…

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