Cactus Shadows senior Weaver is a golfer like none other

Who says the youth is wasted on the young? If you’ve ever seen Lindsey Weaver practice, let alone play golf, that phrase would never come to mind.

Weaver, who is an 18-year old senior honor student at Cave Creek Cactus Shadows High School, has been turning lots of heads lately with her play.

For starters, Weaver joined some pretty select company in late February, becoming just the second female golfer to shoot a 59. She did it on Feb. 26 on the Apache Course at Desert Mountain, during a PING Junior Interclub match.

Annika Sorenstam was the other female golfer to do it. Sorenstam shot hers back in 2001 at the Moon Valley Country Club in Phoenix.

For Weaver, she is taking all the attention in stride, and is quite happy with the way she’s playing right now, as it seems like she can do no wrong on the links.

“It feels great,” Weaver said. “I’ve always dreamt of playing this well, I’ve been working really hard on my game recently, so it looks like it’s paying off right now.”

When Weaver says she’s “working really hard,” she’s not lying.

After her weekday honors classes at Cactus Shadows, she comes home and hits various courses at Desert Mountain Golf Club.

Weaver says she’s on the course for “at least six hours on the weekday, probably more on the weekends.”

Now, notice she ended her phrase with the word “weekends.” Weaver told me on the ride over from the putting green to the driving range that she practices EVERY DAY. Throw in the “at least six hours” part, and you can’t do much other than shake your head in amazement at what this young lady has done to build her career, with the help of her father, Greg, who is her teacher.

“It’s kind of hard to balance school and golf,” Weaver said. “But I think I’ve kind of got it down now.”

Weaver just came off another big win this past weekend, winning the American Junior Golf Association’s Winn Grips Heather Farr Classic, in a playoff no less.

In that tournament, Weaver broke the women’s course record at Longbow Golf Club by shooting a 7-under-par 64.

Just amazing stuff from this young lady…

Weaver, as level headed a young lady as you’ll ever meet, has even loftier goals in her future.

She’s headed to Notre Dame, where she will continue to polish her game and tighten it up even more. After that, she wants to move on to bigger and better things.

“I’m thinking maybe after I graduate college, I might go out for the European Tour,” Weaver said. “Maybe the LPGA, depending on how college goes.”

With a young person this driven, seeing her doing what she loves to do, and how she’s driven to be the best at it, it’s hard to not root for her to continue down the path she’s currently on, which is paved with infinite success.

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