What Thanksgiving means to me

For myself, and so many others everywhere, this time of year is one for self-reflection. A time when the chaos of everyday life slows for a bit and I’m able to re-connect with family and friends to gather and give thanks for not only the people around me, but some of the smaller conveniences I often take for granted.

This hit home when I was away for college. With Christmas break just a few weeks away, I never traveled home for Turkey Day. Luckily, my friends always usually extended an invitation and being a starving college student, I always took advantage of not only the traditional Thanksgiving meal, but a nice little to-go package, as well. 

Being a single child (I never use the word “only”), our small family usually spends Thanksgiving with close friends here in Phoenix or somewhere in northern Arizona.

This year will be no different.

We will gather in the morning and enjoy actually watching a competitive Lions Thanksgiving Day game. There will be stories shared from the past Thanksgivings and most likely an early afternoon nap. Heck, there may be a post-meal nap once the tryptophan kicks in.

One of the most rewarding parts of Thanksgiving Day is no one is in a hurry. There are no meeting to attend. No errands to run. No yard work to do. No shopping to be done (until the wee hours of Black Friday, of course).

Thanksgiving is unique because it means something different to everyone. There are no wrong answers.

Please enjoy the time you spend with family and friends and remember, we all have so much to be thankful for.